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James Montemagno
James Montemagno
Whoa, it is basically June! What happened?!?! Where did the time go!

Thank you to everyone that reached out and 👍 the newsletter last week. I appreciate the feedback and the encouragement to keep it going.
It has been an exciting month for developers with last week’s Google I/O and now Microsoft Build (more on that later). My passion during these months sparks again with so many innovative products being announced and highlighted. Yet, I have recently re-focused my energy on some personal finance goals after having a crazy tax year.
I have really enjoyed investing with both Betterment and Wealthfront and with tax loss harvesting it really saved my behind this year. If you are interested in either of those, reach out and will totally give some insights. More recently though I have been trying to figure out my budget and expense tracking and many of you had tons of awesome suggestions for assorted products to try. I decided to give Money in Excel a try and what I found was delightful, so I made a full video on it:
Money In Excel for Beginners - Expenses, Budget, & Financial Planning
Money In Excel for Beginners - Expenses, Budget, & Financial Planning
30 Days with Mint Mobile - 4GB, $15 a month review
30 Days with Mint Mobile - 4GB, $15 a month review
📰 Microsoft Build 2021
I work at Microsoft, so I know some of the things that are going to be announced and released at Build each year. My involvement this year was a bit different as I only presented an intro to C# course for students. My team had several sessions and hosting opportunities, so I got to sit back and enjoy watching keynotes and sessions. I have to say it was extremely delightful and a reminder of the breadth of products and verticals that Microsoft covers. When I went to PDC (The Professional Developers Conference), my first conference, on the Microsoft campus back in 2010 it was pretty much only focused on three products: Windows, Windows Phone, and the launch of Azure. As Microsoft has evolved and changed the mindset, any developer, any app, any platform, it has been invigorating to see the progress in so many different solutions.
Yes, there is less .NET content at Build, but we have a constant influx of .NET content through .NET Live TV and .NET Conf. I have to say it was nice to go in and pick sixish sessions in and around .NET to watch and then go pick a bunch of other ones on topics I have always want to know more about including Project Reunion, Power Platform, and Pytorch. I enjoyed throwing a few on-demand sessions into my “backpack” and going back later and checking them out. Overall, I had a lot of fun, and I am super excited more now than ever for .NET 6, Hot Reload everywhere, .NET MAUI, and .NET MAUI + Blazor!
Random most amazing thing though from the conference has to be Power Fx. This is a new natural language programming model for PowerApps that is powered by GPT-3! How it works is something like this:
Natural language input: Show 10 orders that have “stroller” in the product name and sort by purchase date with newest on the top.
AI-generated code output: FirstN(Sort(Search(‘BC Orders’, “stroller”, “aib_productname”), ‘Purchase Date’, Descending)
MIND BLOWN! I can’t wait to see what is next for this type of enhancements to the day in the life of a developer no matter how much or little code you write.
What did you think of Build? Let me know.
📸 Black Butte
☕️ Almond Latte (8oz)
Thank you to Bardi Golriz for buying me a coffee this week. <3 Delicious!
I look forward to hearing from all of you and feedback on the new format. As always you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, GitHub, and my blog.
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