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Ristretto: No Room

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year! If I am being honest… it was a pretty tough and rough year. I am holding my head up high and expecting some big changes in 2019 and hoping the next two years slowly turn around for. We will see how it all goes and if my entire retirement savings vanishes or continues to thrive with the crazy ups and downs the markets have been having. However, there is no time to reflect too much on that now because we made it! That is right, it is a new year and it will for sure be filled with excitement and I am happy to have all of you hear along for the ride.

Wow, what a super chill month! After a beautiful Bali filled November we slowed things down here in Seattle. This if the first time that I actually spent the full holiday break relaxing from the comfort of our home. No flights, no crazy weekend plans, no hotels, no drama, just relaxing and spending time with the one I love. It was good to finally sit down and do some items on our 2018 list such as hiking, trying new wineries, and exploring the beauty of Washington.
Wallace Falls Hike!
Wallace Falls Hike!
My good friend Kyle Pulver from Team Meat recently co-created a brand new card game based on Super Meat Boy called Rival Rush and it is simply fantastic. Kyle and I played it together at PAX this year and it is a card game that I can totally bet behind. It is a simple 2 player game that only takes 15-20 minutes to play and the rules are easy peasy to understand. While it is based on Super Meat Boy there is no hard requirement that you have played or beaten the game. If you like card games then give this a look!
Look at this adorable logo!
Look at this adorable logo!
It is cold! Stay inside and snuggle up with a good book :) I actually have been switching things up and finally decided to join a gym that has live spin classes and Peloton on demand, which is a nice touch. Not much to report on the biking, but it is a new year so we will see if I hop back on the bike :)
It was a wacky month for coding if I am to be honest. Work started to wind down pretty early as many people around the globe had to use up tons of PTO or lose it. Before the year end we did have a huge Connect(); developer event that Frank and I fully recapped on Merge Conflict. One of my main announcements from Connect(); was that Xamarin.Essentials has officially hit GA and version 1.0 is available right now! This by far is one of the most proud moments of my career at Microsoft as working on this with an amazing team will truly transform how developers approach mobile development with Xamarin.
Matt Soucoup and I also re-booted the Xamarin Podcast at the Visual Studio Mobile Developer Podcast and are now releasing monthly episodes. In addition to all of this I continued my monthly Twitch streaming and raised just about $300 that was donated to Girls Who Code!
Enter Jeffsum
Enter Jeffsum
One of those live streams was pretty ridiculous as I was inspired to create a .NET version of (a lorem ipsum generator powered by Jeff Goldblum quotes). During the stream I created a brand new cross-platform library, open sourced it, setup a full CI/CD pipeline, and released the package to NuGet!
RBG is one of my heroes that I actually didn’t know too much about, but that all changed when I went to see “On The Basis Of Sex” in the theaters over break.
More RBG Please
More RBG Please
This movie was absolutely a great cinematic piece of work, but also brought tears to my eyes and made me respect RBG even more than ever. It is worth everyone’s time to try to catch this while still in theaters or when it is released later on this year.
Motz Around the Internet
I know you need more Motz in your life, so here are the highlights:
Blogs & Videos:
I hope that you enjoyed this short and sweet newsletter this month. Happy new year to you and your families! Hugs & Snugs from Seattle.
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