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James Montemagno
James Montemagno
Welcome to the new Ristretto newsletter, a weekly letter highlighting the top of my mind in technology, development, the world, and more.

Hello again my friends! It has been some time since I booted up Revue and wrote you all a newsletter. It has been a wild time these last 14 months and there are still more difficulties happening all over the world. Who knows when we will get back to that true “normal” that they keep saying, or even if we will want that when it is all over (if ever over). We are doing well living the remote work life, have gotten our 💉s, and still wearing our 😷s. I hope that you and your families are well and staying safe.
In the spirit of change, I have decided to make a change to this newsletter. I originally imagined a monthly newsletter that was filled with all sorts of goodies like what is happening in my life, in tech, and software development, and more. As I subscribed to more newsletters and figured out what I enjoyed about them I wanted to incorporate that into my newsletter.
So, now Ristretto will be weekly, shorter, timely, and a nice simple browse. My plan is to cover one topic that is on the top of my mind, share a photo, and sometimes a coffee. My hope it is like you are waking up on Saturday morning and we hop on a call together to chat over a fresh cup of coffee. I hope you enjoy.
Google I/O was this week and had some exciting announcements for Android developers. Let’s start with the format of Google I/O which streamed completely for free on the I/O website and on YouTube. There was essentially one track to tune into throughout the day and each product team released 10-15 short videos all around the same time each day. This was pretty like how WWDC 2020 went, and I have to say I like it! I didn’t have to figure out what to pick, there was a stream that was interesting to me, and then a bunch of well-produced videos ready for me to consume. While overall I liked the format because it fit into my work schedule, I must say that it didn’t “feel” like a conference. There wasn’t really any interaction or anything to pull me in to watch everything.
Google kicked things off with a traditional keynote that was mostly for the press with some cool announcements, but for me I jumped right to the Developer and Android keynotes. Here are some things I took notes on:
1.) Wear OS: The combination of Fitbit, Samsung Tizen, and Wear OS into a single unified platform seems exactly what Android based watches need. I have had an Apple Watch for nearly a year now and as a fitness device that can get notifications here and there it is great.
2.) Material You: Google is all in on Gen Z with pastels! Custom pastel colors that adjust the theme of your phone to pictures…. Yeah, I think this is cool, but also a testing nightmare and I have concerns around accessibility as well. The other concern I have is that this means that your Android app starts to look a lot different than iOS and we have been getting closer and closer to merging these two platforms. I like that it makes Android unique again, but I’m not blown away.
3.) Android 12 (S): Yeah!!! Android gets even closer to iOS in this release! They really nailed some key features that I have been enjoying with iOS such as privacy, anti-app tracking, better widgets, and improved notifications. All right iOS notifications are terrible, while Android notifications are legit awesome. I also appreciate them fixing a 10-year-old bug where you must request location permissions to scan for Bluetooth devices. My Cadence will update and use the new Bluetooth pop-up permission immediately.
4.) Android Compose: I like it… I think? I am not sure, but I enjoyed those demos of composable code-first UI. I still love my XAML for now :)
5.) Blob Opera: I am not sure if you caught the pre-show, but the Blob Opera performed, and it was amazing! Thank you, Google!
That is kind of it to be honest. I watched a few videos and continued on while I prep for Microsoft Build next week!
Painted Hills
Painted Hills
I look forward to hearing from all of you and feedback on the new format. As always you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, GitHub, and my blog. And you can always buy me a coffee 😘.
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