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Ristretto - Issue #10

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
👋 Travel
This week I had to get on an airplane. Something that I have not done for over one year and something I was not looking forward to. I had to travel to a location that was a bit hard to get to from the PNW and it required 3 flights! I try to avoid layovers any way possible, so let’s just say, I wasn’t super excited seeing we are still in the middle of a pandemic. That said, I have to admit that thanks to the lovely face mandate at all US airports I felt much better overall in the airports and on the flight.
SeaTac was absolutely 🍌s crazy with people and I tried to avoid them as much as possible by going to other terminals and finding a hiding spot. Other airports I wasn’t so lucky as people jammed into the boarding areas and got a bit close for comfort. I know I am vaccinated, and I know everyone is wearing a mask, but I think I need just a bit more time on all of this. I am heading home as you are reading this and yes, it requires 3 unfortunate flights to get there.
I find it all so odd as wife and myself absolutely love travel and it is what we live for. Before the pandemic we barely lived in Seattle as I was out at conferences, or we were doing personal travel. I have loved every moment of exploring the PNW and keeping it local over the past 15 months and I thought we would be clamoring to get back out there, but the truth is…. I’m good for now. I do want to use up my unused credits and I would really like to get my Alaska MVP Gold again, but I’m probably alright if I don’t. I mean we will totally use up the credits somehow. All in all it has been an interesting experience that I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I hope that the airlines open up more flights as everything has been expensive and completely packed.
📰 E3 2021
I am keeping it short due to some unfortunate travel I had to do this week, but that doesn’t mean I am not hyped for all of the awesome games announced at E3.
Xbox & Bethesda: I loved this press conference! I loved that just about every game was coming to Game Pass and the mass amount of exclusives hitting the console. I enjoyed this combo presser as it wasn’t what I was expecting, but the team did a great job of making clear what was exclusive, time exclusive, and on game pass. I have to say that the new Forza Horizons looks amazing and I can’t wait until Halo!
Nintendo: 40 minutes of pure joy and no new hardware! I just about passed out when they announced the remakes of Advanced Wars 1+2, and a new 2D side scrolling Metroid!?!!?!?! Oh my goodness! Finally BOTW 2 is coming at some point and I just can’t wait.
📸 James hiding at the airport
☕️ Time for a pour over
Thank you to Drew for buying me 5 coffees this week aka a full bag of coffee! You are amazing!
I look forward to hearing from all of you and feedback on the new format. As always you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, GitHub, and my blog.
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