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Ristretto #9 - WWDC

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
What a wild week in the PNW.

Hello again my friends! Frank said that I write to much in the beginning of the newsletter, so I will keep it short this week. It has been a wild week of weather here in the PNW as it can’t decide what it wants to do. Sometimes it is sunny and beautiful, then it is rainy, then just cloudy, and then random hail! What is going on!??! It is June already come on!
Even though the weather has been blah, it was WWDC week, and we got a ton of new operating system betas! In fact, I am typing this up on my M1 MacBook Air running macOS 12.0 Monterey.
James Montemagno
After talking with @praeclarum on the upcoming @mergeconflictfm pod, I went all in.. iOS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 15, and macOS 12 Monterey!
I am pleased to report that everything has been running exceptionally well across all my devices. I have noticed a bit of lag here and there on my iPhone SE 2, but honestly these betas are rock solid.
As for the announcements at WWDC, everyone seemed overly excited about FaceTime. I love FaceTime and think it is a spectacular feature of owning an Apple device. While being able to send a link on the web or on Android to someone is great, it still doesn’t feel like a complete solution. Having an actual FaceTime web and mobile app on Android would be killer. Come on Apple! You are close!
The real win for me was around privacy, which was one of the main reasons I moved from Android devices to Apple devices. I have now shifted back to using Apple Email for the hide my email features and private relay by default is a game changer! For some reason I just feel better about browsing the web and email on my devices. I also have all of my cameras on HomeKit due to the expansion of available devices, which is excellent. Talking about HomeKit, I have to say I was really impressed with their end-to-end demos for the home and if there are more devices or partner. devices that support HomeKit, it could really be a game changer. I think it will be no time before Apple releases their own doorbells and cameras to complete the ecosystem.
Xcode Cloud (not XCloud) also blew me away as a genuinely nice offering for Xcode developers that need a CI/CD solution for their apps (and there are many). I argue a bit with Frank on the next Merge Conflict about it only because I am not sure how big the market is for ONLY iOS developers. Even if companies aren’t using a cross-platform technology framework, do they really want to maintain multiple CI systems? What do you think?
No new hardware, and that is okay. I am not ready just yet for another OS to develop for, and I don’t think WWDC is the place to announce the M1X.
I could write a whole lot more about WWDC, but overall, I really enjoyed the conference and can’t wait to go watch more videos. Be sure to check out the podcast on Monday for a whole lot more!
📸 Ube Mochi Waffle Mix!
The best thing you can buy at Trader Joe's once a year
The best thing you can buy at Trader Joe's once a year
☕️ Cold Brew Old Fashioned
Thank you to someone (Poe?) for buying me 3 coffees this week. You are amazing!
I look forward to hearing from all of you and feedback on the new format. As always you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, GitHub, and my blog.
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James Montemagno
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