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Ristretto #8 - Cộng

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
All right, now it is officially June and officially summer with temperatures reaching nearly 90 degrees here in the pacific northwest. It has been lovely!

To celebrate 6 years since we met, Heather and I decided to plan out a small trip for the weekend to Umpqua National Forest in Oregon to see some beautiful waterfalls and do some hiking. It was good timing as it was exactly 2 weeks after we got our second shot and are now officially vaccinated! 🎉 We were still a bit on guard though as it was only our second overnight trip since the pandemic started and the first one to be in a lodge where there are a few other rooms. Luckily, it was noticeably quiet, and everyone was still particularly good about 😷ing up.
The trip was very lovely and very off grid, which we appreciated. One major surprise though was that we got absolutely zero cell phone reception. As some of you may know we recently switched from T-Mobile (~$125 a month unlimited - 2 lines) to Mint Mobile’s ($30 a month for 4GB - 2 lines). Technically it isn’t Mint’s fault that we got no reception as it runs on T-Mobile’s network, but still surprised us a bit. Luckily, we planned our trip a bit and did offline maps and all was great! It has now been 30 days of Mint Mobile and I decided to do a quick video on our experience thus far:
30 Days with Mint Mobile - 4GB, $15 a month review
30 Days with Mint Mobile - 4GB, $15 a month review
📰 Here comes WWDC
There has been a lot of Apple talk recently with the recent court hearing with Epic and WWDC around the corner. Will we get new iPads, MacBook Pros, or more ports?!?! Well maybe? But Apple usually holds a lot of that for normal device events and not WWDC. I have a feeling they will reveal some new hardware that has some feature specific for iOS 15, but hard to say given all of the reports this last week.
What I am more interested in is if Apple reveals any AR or MR experiences given the invite image that had reflections in the glasses. It is still early for Apple to enter this field given that they take a good amount of time before jumping into something brand new. That said there is a lot of AR and MR out there, so it isn’t out of the realm.
Beyond this I have a feeling iOS 15 will bring more iOS 14 features to life including more customization of the home screen and even more widget support. Every year iOS gets just a little bit more Android and Android gets a little bit more iOS :) I won’t speculate too much seeing we only have to wait a few more days.
🦜 Twitter Spaces?
What is everyone’s thoughts here? Have you joined in on a Space? Have you hosted one? I have yet to do anything, but I have been thinking of either doing one with Frank for Merge Conflict or just randomly on my own with some folks from work talking .NET. I ponder if there is a need for even more James though :) Let me know.
📸 Salt Creek Falls
☕️ Cộng Cà Phê - Vietnam
Thank you to Ga Be for buying me 3 coffees this week. You are amazing!
I look forward to hearing from all of you and feedback on the new format. As always you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, GitHub, and my blog.
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