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Ristretto #26 - 'Tis the season for Red theme

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
👋 The Wii is Back!
Last weekend we bought the “Koosh Double Paddle Playset” to play around with outside and it is a BLAST! However, it had me thinking about playing tennis again on Wii Sports. That is right, the 2006 (15-year-old) original pack-in title on the Wii. So, dug through the closet where a few older consoles remain, found the Wii, dug through the “cable box” to find the component cables, and 10 minutes later it was ready to go, and it is glorious!
We played for several hours of playing and I can confirm that if you haven’t played it in a while, you will totally get sore the next day. Beyond Wii Sports I have been exploring all my old Wii games that I never finished such as Super Mario Galaxy and it is stunning.
While I have a huge box of Wii games sitting in my closest, but apparently 25-year-old James was really into the soft-mod scene and hooked up Homebrew and USB Loader GX onto the Wii. So, all my games are backed up as ISO files on an external USB which is super cool. I have to say, I think Nintendo should start re-producing the Wii. Everything about it is great including the motion sensing of the Wii motes. I love my Switch, but there is something special about these original motion sensing games.
📰 Red Theme Everywhere
What started as a joke between Maddy and me at VS Live Orlando a few weeks ago has turned into a full open source project and Visual Studio extension. I’m talking about Red theme!
Look at it! It is glorious!
Look at it! It is glorious!
This hidden gem of a theme is built directly into Visual Studio Code. Nothing to install, it is just there, and ready for you to use! Thanks to the quick video from Mads K, you can take any theme from VS Code and bring it to Visual Studio 2022, so I did! Want to see it in action? Here is a 51 second YouTube Short I made :)
Red Theme - Ultimate VS Code Theme! (and Visual Studio 2022) | #Shorts
Red Theme - Ultimate VS Code Theme! (and Visual Studio 2022) | #Shorts
Oh, and I also figured out how to make YouTube Shorts, so I am going to experiment around with that a bit in December. I am thinking about doing a weekly short on a new feature in C# 10 or highlight a great NuGet package that you need in your life. What do you think works great as a YouTube short for developers?
📸 Let's ride
☕️ Thanks for the coffee! <3
Thanks for the coffee!
Thanks for the coffee!
As always, you can find me on TwitterYouTubeTwitchGitHub, and my blog, oh also you can buy me a coffee.
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James Montemagno
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