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Ristretto #25 - Holiday Shopping ✅

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
👋 Back Home
What a small adventure last week off to Orlando for VS Live! A quick flight out on Monday at 6AM, a presentation on Tuesday, three presentations on Wednesday, and then a late-night Wednesday flight home and in bed by 2AM! Even though it was a short and intense trip it was a lot of fun to be able to present and answer questions from a distance with a live audience! I had 3 shared sessions with Maddy from the .NET MAUI team and that was a blast as we got to riff off each other and throw a lot of comedic elements in there. This was great even if only her and I thought it was funny :). The VS Live team did an excellent job of COVID testing, health checks, spacing, and more throughout the event. I still didn’t “hang” in the hallway like I normally would do during a conference and mostly got in and out and mostly Maddy and I stuck together as a small bubble. What does 2022 bring?!?!? I now have 4 sessions I am ready to roll out to conferences or to user groups remote or hybrid ;)
In other news I have to say that I am pretty much 100% holiday shopping complete! Heather and I decided to start things up early this year and shop super local for friends and family. For Heather I may have gotten suckered into a few Instagram ads, but I do think she will love them. I was at Best Buy on Friday, and I was surprised how stocked to the roof they were with electronics and televisions. Still no video game consoles in stock, but if you want a Black Friday deal on a TV you have about a billion options.
Oh, in final personal things I went to a noon showing of Ron’s Gone Wrong, and it was fantastic! Would recommend. Also, a noon showing on a weekday is great because you are the only person seeing a last run movie there ;)
📰 C# 10, Here I Come
It has been two weeks since .NET Conf and the release of .NET 6 and C# 10 and I’m going all in on it! I started by adding as many C# 10 features to my libraries even if they aren’t running .NET 6. All you need to do is set your <LangVersion> in your csproj file. Here is an upgrade of MVVM Helpers that I did in about 10 minutes. The easy wins are Global Usings, Implcit Usings, and File-scoped namespaces. These few changes really make the code look modern and I have a tough time opening older projects now and feel like I must immediately upgrade them to C# 10 :)
How are your upgrades going?
☕️ Nitro!
Thanks to Sri for buying me 2 full bags of beans! I now have coffee for the rest of the year!! As always, you can find me on TwitterYouTubeTwitchGitHub, and my blog, oh also you can buy me a coffee.
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