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Ristretto #22 - Amazon Astro

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
I love internet providers…. All right, no one really loves internet providers. Although working from home means that we rely on this single service more than anything else. Yes, power is especially important, but it feels like with internet it is somehow acceptable to be flakey and just sometimes go out altogether. Oh, and don’t forget you may be capped with data and for sure speeds. The best of all is when they “forget” to inform you that they lowered your price for your “package” months ago and let you overpay, but will not refund you at all. That was my experience this month when I decided to call my ISP to see if the prices on their website were correct for existing customers because it was only $5 more to DOUBLE my speeds with their new rates. That is right, somehow instead of saving myself money every month, I am now paying $5 more. So, lesson learned this week is to check your ISP every few months and make sure you are getting what you are paying for and give them a call if things seem off.
📰 Take Off
Look at this little robot, how could you not love it!
Astro is ready to peer into your life
Astro is ready to peer into your life
I love robots. As a child I was intrigued by the idea of these little mechanical wonders that could follow you around, help you with things, and bring you happiness. At that time, I was really into the idea of getting a robot dog. You get all of the advantages of a dog, but without all the walking, feeding, and 💩. I could never afford one of those amazing Sony Aibo dogs and had to settle for a cheaper one from Toys ‘R’ Us, and let’s just say that was lack luster.
In comes Astro, this cute little Amazon robot that can follow you around and creepily watch you with multiple cameras. I am not sure if this is the futuristic WALL-E that I was hoping for. All you have to do it take one listen to the recent Tech Meme Ride Home to hear all about the disastrous state this little device is in.
It isn’t all that bad, I mean this is a huge step to have one of the largest companies in the world invest in robots. I am a huge fan of what Samsung is doing with the Handy robot and the good that it could do. The real issue I have with the device is attempting to figure out what it is for. When your demo reel shows the robot bringing you a beverage and that is the coolest feature then something is wrong. With Handy it can literally do my laundry and dishes (as long as I buy everything Samsung).
In a world where I have every digital assistant turned off and have removed every “listening” device from the house is this really the robot that I want….
Milli loves Crater Lake, even when it is hazy
Milli loves Crater Lake, even when it is hazy
Don't mind if I do ;)
Don't mind if I do ;)
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