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Ristretto #21 - Surface Surface Surface

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
I woke up this morning and realized that this is the last Sunday in September?!?! The leaves are changing colors, and some are already falling! I am not ready!!! Come back summer!
Fall colors aside, it has been a rough week. It has been emotionally and physically draining at every single turn. As the state of the world continues to drag on it seems to get worse and worse. I know it is just not me as I have talked to many friends and colleagues, and they have been echoing the same. Maybe I need a new hobby? Some new games? Hang in there and throw your recommendations my way.
📰 Surface Surface Surface!
Let’s get right into it because it was a big week for the Surface line of devices! Frank and I go deep into our thoughts on tomorrow’s podcast, but here are my thoughts on the Surface Duo 2 and the Surface Studio Laptop.
Surface Duo 2
Surface Duo 2
I may have converted to using an iPhone full time last year, but that doesn’t mean I am not an Android fanboy. I have an original Surface Duo that I recently broke out of Redmond and have been using it a lot at home for work productivity during meetings and have been enjoying it. The Duo 2 really seems to clean up the design and address feedback from the press and users. The even more edge-to-edge design is stunning and the notification bar that is on the hinge when it is closed is genius! The camera system looks spectacular and is a real competitor to tier one devices out on the market. Pairing it with Windows 11 and the Your Phone app (which was already impressive) seems like it is going to be a real winner.
Surface Studio Laptop
Surface Studio Laptop
I have two Surface Book 2 devices that are at my desk right now! They are work and dev devices because Book lineup always had the best specs. Not anymore! This Studio Laptop is an absolute beast! It may come in at nearly 4 lbs., but this is the device I have been waiting for to get closer to replacing my full desktop rig. Hands off to the Surface team for really producing something unique in the hinge designs and yet makes so much sense.
📸 Neon Lights
☕️ Best Coffee in Seattle
Thanks to Pavel for buying me a coffee and for Wilderness Labs for buying me a whole bag of beans! ❤️ As always, you can find me on TwitterYouTubeTwitchGitHub, and my blog, oh also you can buy me a coffee.
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Awesome projects and products from the community:
  • Sharpnado - A set of fantastic libraries including Material Frame that just got macOS support! Now my apps will look pretty :)
  • Want your own classified next week or know of an awesome community project? Submit here.
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James Montemagno
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