By James Montemagno

Ristretto #20 - Adventures in Marketing





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James Montemagno
James Montemagno
Last week I talked all about the new Pro features I have been adding into my apps My Cadence and My Stream Timer (Yes, I name all my apps with “My”, and I have no idea why). So far it seems like a successful rollout as I haven’t gotten any new crashes or any negative reviews! YAY! However, I have not seen a significant boost in purchases of Pro mode in either app which I was hoping for.
Last week on Merge Conflict, Frank and I decided to talk a bit about why that could be, and what I could do about it.
One of our hypotheses was that maybe I didn’t advertise the features correctly. I mean sure I added screenshots, updated the store page, and wrote release notes, but who looks at that stuff? I set out to create a nice looking “What’s new” page that will pop up at the start of the app to highlight these new features (aka I stole the design from apple completely). Here is what I produced:
New what's new for My Cadence
New what's new for My Cadence
It looks nice and only took about 45 minutes to put everything into place. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? What have you tried?
📰 .NET MAUI P8 and VS 2022 Preview 4
This entire weekend I got to play around with .NET MAUI Preview 8 and the latest Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 bits, and I am loving them!!! XAML & C# Hot Reload, XAML Live Preview, iOS Hot Restart, and so much more! The team has made the tough decision to push back the GA data to Q2 of 2022, but I am 👌 with that. I know that my holiday hacks this year will be trying to upgrade my apps and libraries to .NET MAUI to everything is ready when they do a RC.
.NET MAUI P8 in VS 2022 P4
.NET MAUI P8 in VS 2022 P4
This weekend I worked on a full video breakdown and will launch it over on my YouTube on Tuesday!
📸 Redwoods
☕️ Latte w/ Cashew Coconut Milk
My hair
My hair
Thanks to KAnt for the coffee! ❤️ As always, you can find me on TwitterYouTubeTwitchGitHub, and my blog, oh also you can buy me a coffee.
Community Classifieds
Awesome projects and products from the community:
  • XAML Styler - My absolute favorite formatting extension for Visual Studio that makes my XAML look pretty.
  • Want your own classified next week or know of an awesome community project? Submit here.
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James Montemagno
James Montemagno @jamesmontemagno

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