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Ristretto #18 - Firewatch

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
👋 Holiday reflections
Last week there was no newsletter as you may have noticed. We took a holiday! Whoa! We took a full week off to drive the PNW coast, do some hikes, enjoy the beach, and see some Redwoods! We decided to leave on Sunday and come back on Friday for best chances at hotels and hopefully less people out. Not having really left the city or house for a substantial amount of time, we didn’t know what to expect. A few things I reflect on a bit from our time off:
1.) It was super great to just disconnect, not have a computer, and go.
2.) The PNW is so pretty. I should know those because I have lived here for 10 years, but the forest hikes, sandy beaches, and just beautiful green gets me every time.
3.) It is still busy. Just so many people still out, which we did not expect in some of the smaller towns we stayed in.
4.) Food seems hard to come by. I mean there is food, but because of staff shortages it seems like every restaurant, bar, or coffee shop has reduced capacity, reduced operating hours, and reduced days of operation too. We struggled the first few days to adjust to this.
🎮 Firewatch
Regardless of every effort I make, my wife is just not a gamer, and that is okay with me, but doesn’t mean I am not going to try to get her into games. In 6 years, I have only had two successes with Nintendogs (interest lasting a few weeks) and Animal Crossing, which thanks to the pandemic we played together for several months. This week we can add a third notch to the belt with Firewatch!
Firewatch - Now Available
Firewatch - Now Available
Even though I played through this game earlier this year, I pitched the idea of the game a few times to her, and we watched the trailer together. The story sparked her interest, but she didn’t have much motivation to grab the controller to play it. Firewatch is very story driven and you choose dialog responses throughout the game to continue that story and mystery. We made an agreement that I would control the characters and she would make the narrative choices. This would be a win for her and for me as I would get to see the story unfold in a new light, and it absolutely was. Firewatch is an absolutely delight of a game and is only around 4-5 hours based on how you play. We sat down and in just two nights we finished it off, and then had great discussions about it after. What’s next… I’m not sure, but if you have recommendations let me know.
📸 Yachats, OR
Last week we drove the coast and in Yachats they had all these adorable masks up signs with animals of the area. Unfortunately, because we traveled through mid-week almost everything was closed, but cool town.
☕️ Cartel
One of our favorite coffee shops in Phoenix
One of our favorite coffee shops in Phoenix
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Community Classifieds
Awesome projects and products from the community:
  • Stowage: a bloat-free .NET cloud storage kit that supports major ☁ providers. (Submitted by Ivan)
  • Want your own classified next week or know of an awesome community project? Submit here.
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James Montemagno
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