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Ristretto #16 - Code & Coffee

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
It has been a week of coding! I don’t often get to code as much as used to now that I am a manager, but I try to use my Twitch streams to keep a few projects going. Most recently it has been my app My Cadence, which is a simple app that connects to Bluetooth sensors to display the RPM when someone is peddling on a stationary bike. I added a full database to the app to show historic rides and very pretty graphs to see cadence over time. After I implemented the feature and used the app, I realized that I am no designer and that my history page could use some real design:
So, I reached out to all of you on Twitter for some inspiration and thoughts and what came back was just that. Alignment, spacing, what data to display, and most of all the use of icons were the top suggestions. After 30 minutes of tweaking and tuning, here is what the new design looks like:
I am obsessed with it :) What do you think?
📰 Previews Previews Previews!
Summers are always a fun time for developers are every preview and beta is ready to be installed on your machine. I am running iOS 15, tvOS 15, macOS 12, Xcode 13, and Visual Studio 2022 Preview! Oh, and of course all the .NET previews and .NET MAUI previews. Somehow this all works side by side each other with no major impacts at all. I will say I do have multiple machines and one is dedicated as the “preview” machine that can be reformatted at any time, but so far so good! If you want to see some of this magic in action look at my latest .NET MAUI Preview 7 video where I show how to setup everything on Mac and Windows
.NET MAUI Preview 7 - Full Windows & Mac Setup with CLI, VS Code, & Visual Studio 2022
.NET MAUI Preview 7 - Full Windows & Mac Setup with CLI, VS Code, & Visual Studio 2022
📸 Hello Sunshine
I planted some seeds and this grew!
I planted some seeds and this grew!
☕️ Small Coffees are Fantastic
As always, you can find me on TwitterYouTubeTwitchGitHub, and my blog, oh also you can buy me a coffee.
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James Montemagno
James Montemagno @jamesmontemagno

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