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Ristretto #15 - COVID-19 Negative

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
Last Friday I woke up with a scratchy throat. It has been a bit smokey here, so I didn’t think much of it. Then Saturday came and my sinuses were a bit congested and a bit of a runny nose. I didn’t have a temperature and we have been doing outdoor activities, so I was thinking it was just allergies. Beyond the flight a few weeks ago we haven’t really spent any time around people but come Sunday morning I wasn’t starting to worry. So, I headed to the urgent care to get a rapid test. After a long wait, the nurse came in and did a quick swab, and 30 minutes later the results were in!
While I didn’t think I had contracted COVID-19 and I am fully vaccinated I still am glad that I went in to get the test just for my piece of mind. The experience besides the long wait was overall pleasant and the nose swab wasn’t too bad. I wanted to share the story in case you are on the fence of getting tested, I say go for it.
No news this week, talk soon.
📸 SUP Time
Out on my FunWater iSUP! Pretty decent deal for ~$300, highly recommended.
☕️ Milstead Coffee in Seattle
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James Montemagno
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