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Ristretto #14 - On a jet plane

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
I was back in the air yet again last week for some personal things, aka not by choice. Again, the airports were packed, planes were full, and about everyone was still wearing a mask. As the delta variant continues to rage on over here in the states and around the world, I get ever more worried for those close to me that still have gotten their 💉. I never stopped wearing masks insides stores and don’t plan to any time soon even though it has been months since I got fully vaccinated. I am a bit less worried walking around overall, but still in my mind I am not ready to drop the mask fully and soon here in the PNW we will need to be masking up everywhere we go again. I hope all of you are safe and wish you well.
My favorite stock trading app, Robinhood (use this link to sign up and get a free stock), had their IPO this week and what an interesting ride it was. I have been using the app for many years to dabble my toes in different stocks, cryptos, and ETFs. The app and service has always been solid to me and at this point I use it for normal $5 recurring purchases of partial shares of stocks I like each week.
Their IPO was not a standard one as they decided to hold 20% of their shares for retail (aka you and me) investors. I don’t really understand or like how IPOs work with their unknown listing price and rocketing up or down start of the day, but you sometimes want to get in early. I don’t know if many retail investors know or like how IPOs work, so Robinhood had a rough go at filling all of those shares to start trading for the day. There are also many people that don’t like how Robinhood (and others) make money with Payment for Order Flow. Pretty much when you place an order with Robinhood it goes off to another company to finalize that purchase and the final price you pay may be a tiny bit higher or lower and money is made by companies. This doesn’t bother me much at all as the app is great, I have never had an issue, and the features keep coming like the ability to participate in IPOs. Regardless of if you like the team and company that much you must admit that they changed the game when it came to retail investing and I don’t think they are going anywhere.
📸 Welcome Home
To CLE, an airport that you want to leave right away
To CLE, an airport that you want to leave right away
☕️ Milstead Coffee in Seattle
Broder Ost - Hood River, OR
Broder Ost - Hood River, OR
Thanks to Dave J. for buying me 3 delicious coffees! As always, you can buy me a coffee and find me on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, GitHub, and my blog.
🏆 Pick of the Week
This week’s pick goes to The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Bogel, one of my favorite investment books that I recommend to every single person that asks me about personal finance. I am not a financial expert, but the book helped guide me through early decisions in my career to place my money smartly. It is a great read even if you hate talking about finances.
🤖 Community Classifieds
Awesome projects and products from the community:
  • Franks’s SQLite-net, because I have used it for 10 years now in about every app and it is perfect.
  • Want your own classified next week? Submit here.
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James Montemagno
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