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Ristretto #11 - Windows 11!

James Montemagno
James Montemagno
👋 Happy Birthday to Me
Well... yesterday.. but birthday weekend!
Well... yesterday.. but birthday weekend!
📰 Windows 11
This week was the Windows 11 reveal event and the developer event as well! I have been a Windows user pretty much forever, and while I have really enjoyed macOS with my MacBook Air, Windows is my day to day driver where I am super productive. So when I heard that there was a Windows event coming up I got really excited and I was right because Windows 11 and the developer experience around it look awesome! It was all a surprise to me even though I work at Microsoft it doesn’t mean I know everything going on.
I have to say that I love the new look and feel of the refreshed UI, the new task bar, super personalized feed and widgets, and full Teams integration throughout the entire OS. This all makes so much sense to me and that the team took it to the root to make sure pretty much all apps get a refreshed look out of the box. Windows is also smaller & faster then ever… oh and can run Android apps! That is crazy!
Let’s talk Android on Windows. I am really happy that they decided to go with the Amazon app store and not start from scratch. This means that there will be tons of great apps already set to install from day one. They have the Windows subsystem for Android which is also AOSP compatible. This is very cool to see because it is the same approach they took for the Linux subsystem. Does this mean we can debug into it? I am not sure, but that would be rad!
I am excited to get my Android apps up and running on Windows, just like I was to have my iOS apps running on macOS. However, I know that a native app will always be better when it comes to look, feel, and native integrations. That is why I am really excited for .NET MAUI to help bring all my apps to desktop and mobile easily.
Frank and I will be talking much more on this on a bonus Merge Conflict, so lookout.
📸 Earth Ship in Taos, New Mexico
☕️ Espresso @Storehouse
The Storehouse in New Zealand
The Storehouse in New Zealand
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James Montemagno
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